Specialty Scrap Packaging

Our consumers often come to us with special requests, requiring creative solutions.

Incidentally, we’ve amassed nearly 100 years worth of experience and resources to put together specialty packages like briquetted copper, aluminum or copper chops and more, to our consumer’s specifications.

If we’re ever unable to process the type of scrap you need, we’ll coordinate with trusted providers who can best handle the task. Plus,
we’ll manage the entire process for you.

Whatever you need, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

“I’ve been with my employer for 19 years, and our company has done business with J. Solotken since before you and I were alive. They always bend over backwards to meet our needs. Just yesterday, we had a special request that ordinarily would have required a week’s notice if we were dealing with other companies. J. Solotken responded within 24 hours. That’s the relationship we have with them. We can always count on them to respond quickly.”

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