Scrap Metal We Sell

Why buy from J. Solotken?

Our strong family foundation is evident in how we treat our consumers.

Below is their feedback—in their own words—about how they benefit from their relationship with J. Solotken:

“J. Solotken is one of my favorite suppliers and I don't have very many. To be honest, I typically don't care much for suppliers because a lot of times you run into the ‘used car salesman’ mentality. Not with J. Solotken. Their customer service is wonderful, and they are very proactive in sharing information about what is going on in the market and how that might affect us. It's a very fluid relationship; we could not ask for a better situation.”
Midwest Specialty Copper Consumer

"J. Solotken is a reliable scrap supplier whose product is metallurgically what it says it is. They're very good. We can trust them.”
Specialty Secondary Aluminum Smelter
“Our company has a decades-long relationship with J. Solotken. They’re a quality shipper, provide excellent service and don’t haggle about prices—they’re very reasonable about rates.”
Brass and Bronze Ingot Maker

“We know when it comes from J. Solotken, we can count on them. I can't say that about just anybody."
Specialty Secondary Aluminum Smelter

“When J. Solotken approached us, they had the right mix of materials—exactly what we needed—at a good price, so there was no hesitation in doing business with them.”
Midwest Specialty Copper Consumer

  Scrap material we sell:
  • Segregated Aluminum
  • Segregated Copper
  • Briquetted Copper
  • Copper Chops
  • Mill and Ingot Maker Brass
  • Aluminum Ingots
  • Nickel
  • Vacuum Quality High-Temperature Alloys
  • Segregated Stainless Steel and Nickel Chrome Alloys
  • Segregated Tool Steel and Carbide

Our Promise to Our Consumers:
  • Quality scrap meeting consumer specifications
  • Timely shipments
  • Proper packaging


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